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  • Coconut Software interview questions (4)

Coconut Software Funny Interview Questions Interview Questions
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3 question ka jawab bataye . In swaalo ke jwaab de diye to hm aapko whtsapp king kahenge.... Q- 1...Baap ne beti ko 1gift diya Or kaha bhuk lage to kha lena... Pyas lage to pi lena or thand lage to jala lena... ye gift kya he challenge for u !! "Challange For all group Time limit 1days . Q-2.....ek chij aeisi h jo sukhi ho to 2kg. gili ho to 1kg. or jal jae to 3kg. its challenge for u !! Q..3... Vo kya chiz hai jo saal me 1 bar, mahine me 2 bar, hafte me 4 bar, aur din me 6 bar aati hai..?

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Coconut Software Funny Interview Questions Interview Questions
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