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Cimcon QTP Interview Questions
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I want to run my qtp scipt on the system where qtp is not installed .I don't want to install qtp but i want that system should use the qtp from another system in lan just the qtp instance should be launched on that system without having qtp installed on it .I probably know the solution that it will be solved through RMI but how to get this problem solved plz help i anyone know the answer

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I m trying to automate one vb desktop application in that there is vblist vbcombobox many other vb tools are there ,when i m trying to find some unique property to identify the object (take example of vbcombobox ) I cannot find any unique property, all the combobox belong to same nativeclass same name no ids are available ,only the distinct property is there x and y coordinates so i m using some code like this "vbbutton "nativeclass:=ThunderRT6CommandButton","x:=304","y :=443").exist(2)" but i dont find them reliable .Can anyone suggest me some other way to identify those objects with some unique property or is there any way to register our own property .I m using descriptive programming to write the code .Thanks in advance

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Cimcon QTP Interview Questions
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