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  • Cibernetix Business Systems interview questions (2)

Cibernetix Business Systems SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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what is the Tcode BD87?

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I am trying to automate a manual processing of iDOCs in BD87. I used the following code to pass idoc-id to global variable 'DCN' and then skip the first screen of BD87 to go to processing directly. After running this code SET PARAMETER ID 'DCN' FIELD itabhdr-idoc_id. CALL TRANSACTION 'BD87' AND SKIP FIRST SCREEN. it takes me to the first screen because it cannot recognize my idoc-id. How I can pass idoc-id to global? I have used the above code to goto VA02 with VBELN and it worked perfectly.

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Cibernetix Business Systems SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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