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  • CG CoreEL interview questions (4)

CG CoreEL SAP SD Interview Questions
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I am doing Variant Configuration.While raise the sales order i enter the material.i am getting the error"Material ZZZ is not listed and therefore not allowed.pls give the solution.

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Hai brothers this is praneeth from khammam. i can complete my sap fico training at 2014. but at that i will not able to get the job with some family reasons. present i want get sap job. i cant remember some topics so any give the training to me interview point of view. present iam not working only prepare for sap. anyone can u pls help me.if u not able to training then can u pls send materiel configuration steps and interview question and answers material. cell no : 9959078088 mail id :


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CG CoreEL SAP SD Interview Questions
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