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Competitive Exams Interview Questions
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what is the connecting link between reptiles and birds?

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Which is highest mountain peak in India ?

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Most of the explosions in mines occur due to the mixing of (a) Hydrogen with oxygen (b) Oxygen with acetylene (c) Methane with air (d) Carbon dioxide with ethane

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Debenture holders of a company are its (a) Shareholders (b) Creditors (c) Debtors (d) Directors

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Who can dissolve the Lok Sabha before the expiry of its normal term of five years? (A) The Prime Minister (B) The President (C) The President on the recommendation of the Speaker (D) The President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister

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The Indian Civil Service was introduced during the time of (A) Lord Cornwallis (B) Lord Canning (C) Lord Curzon (D) Lord Dalhousie

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1.ball point pen working principle(a)viscasity(b)gravity force(c)newtons law(d)boils law

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Which among the following National Highways of India is the longest? 1 NH 1 2 NH 2 3 NH 3 4 NH 4

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Name India?s first listed IT firm to have crossed $1 billion turnover. 1 Infosys 2 Satyam 3 Polaris 4 Wipro

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Which brand/company uses the adline ?We know India Better?? 1 Max New York Life Insurance 2 LIC of India 3 Amul 4 Bajaj

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The earliest reference to the caste system can be found in ………… veda (a) Adharvana (b) Yajur (c) Rig (d) Sama

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. What does ‘Super 301’ agreement of U.S.A deals with : (a) The trade relations between the interested countries (b) Alleviation of poverty from III world (c) Foreign exchange crisis of developing countries (d) None of these

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. Mahatma Gandhi was referred to as ‘the Father of the Nation’ first by (a) Jawaharlal Nehru (b) Vallabhbhai Patel (c) C. Rajagopalachari (d) Subhas Chandra Bose

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please give me the latest syllabus or model question paper of sbi clerical exam

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doubt about character certificate..does the gazetted officer hav this cetificate (form) with that he can fill in with our name n sign on it??? or shud we get it typed or wat??

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