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SparkTG Interview Questions
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if a java file without any source code is valid java file?

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why string is not taking as primitive datatypes but we r taking it as a class? why explain it?

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What is the difference between the synchronized() & static synchronized()?

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which one is more efficient int x; 1. if(x==null) 2.if(null==x) state which one either 1 or 2?

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how tha garbage collector know that the object will be deleted? on which algorithm the garbage collector works? what is the working principle of garbage collector? How manay types of garbage collectors r there?

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what is object type casting? give some example with related?

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why java is platform independent?

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can you use the two main method in same class?how?

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What is race condition ?? (Threading concept) TCS 2 sept10

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SparkTG Interview Questions

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