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CBSE General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The all India Muslim League was formed in 1906 at (A) Delhi (B) Dacca (C) Mumbai (D) Karachi

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i want know central excise duty codes with cess?


• Which is the latest one?


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Hi Could any one please explain various business scenarios handled in sap.THis was the question i was asked in the interview i explained to an extent but he is not satisfied. Secondly if a person is terminated what will happen to data how long it will be maintained in the master data? Thirdly if a person is in contract is made to permanent what are the transactions carried out? If a person is terminated whether his data is deleted immediately. How long his data will be stored in the database whether it is permanently deleted or not? Pls answer for these questions asap. Thanks Priya


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what types of essays are giving in bank of america. can any one tell the opics? LAVANYA


__ no of controls in form.


CBSE General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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