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Unicharm Interview Questions
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What is Modern Trade ?explain in detail about Modern Trade ?

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What was the Size of the team you have handled?

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how can i take primary order from my distributor,while he has inventory of Rs 2 lakh & sale of product is only of Rs 25,000/- only?

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How calculate the MTA in relay?


What is the control valve


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You are a project manager for an engineering company. Your company won the bid to add ramp-metering lights to several on-ramps along a stretch of highway at the south end of the city. You subcontracted a portion of the project to another company. The subcontractor's work involves digging the holes and setting the lamp poles in concrete. The subcontractor's performance is not meeting the contract requirements, because the poles are not buried to the correct depth. Which of the following is true? A. You are in the Quality Assurance process and have performed a quality audit to assure correctness of work. B. You are in the Scope Verification process and have performed a quality audit to assure correctness of work. C. You are in the Contract Administration process and have completed a contract audit to assure the subcontractor's performance meets the contract requirements. D. You are in the Performance Reporting process and have completed a performance review of the contractor's work.


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