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Canara Bank POs Interview Questions
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when will be the nest SBI CLERICAL RECRUITMENT?


My SBI PO GD PI is on 12th feb. pls help me to know different GD topics and interview questions. my email id;

3 10442

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The VP of customer service has expressed concern over a project you're involved in. His specific concern is that if the project is implemented as planned, he’ll have to purchase additional equipment to staff his customer service center. The cost is substantial and was not taken into consideration in the project budget. The project sponsor insists that the project must go forward as originally planned or the customer will suffer. Which of the following is true? A. The VP of customer service is correct. Since the cost was not taken into account at the beginning of the project, the project should not go forward as planned. Project initiation should he revisited to examine the project plan and determine how changes can be made to accommodate customer service. B. The conflict should be resolved in favor of the customer. C. The conflict should be resolved in favor of the project sponsor. D. The conflict should be resolved in favor of the VP of customer service.


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