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Canada Visa Canada Visa Interview Questions
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what are the questions they asked for the student visa case...n if they already given me to undergo medical what does it mean that my visa is approved or...


HI, My Brother is in India and he wants to come CANADA as a "PR" Visa. And soon he is going to have a Interview for that so, can some one Give a Idea, what KIND of Questions Canadian Embassy ASK in interview??????

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i am appearing for canada visa interview on 10thdec , plz let me know the frequently asked questions and their amswers also , i am applying for student visa


question asked at time of interview for point system visa by canada immigration dep.


what are the questions they will ask from me ?


what are the documents required for applying for soudiarabia driver required in canada ?


what type of question they will ask from soudiarabia driver who is apply for canada?

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what if you get a canada degree in india ,would you like to go to canada again for higher studies?

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what will do after completion of your course ?


why you chose canada ?

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why are you selected canadian college?


what are you doing after completion of your course ?


I will make a interview test to visit my sister in Kingston Ontario that will make place at Bangkok Thailand, and I worry that what kind of question will asking me? please give any idea for this case?


why are you required there when there is availability of operas in canada?


Post New Canada Visa Canada Visa Interview Questions

Canada Visa Canada Visa Interview Questions

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