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Campus Interview SDK Interview Questions
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what is FAT?.

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Is it possible to make common ducting for Induced draft boiler with Forced Draft Boiler?  Induced Draft Boiler is having Agrowaste type and Forced Draft Boiler is of Oil Firing type.


What is Port Forwording?


any body hv a experience of L&T pget interview for mechanical thn send me question and experience to me as i hv interview on 8 th may so send me as soon as posssible on my mail id


Differentiate between documented and undocumented knowledge. 3. How is knowledge collected?


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i have 2 table table one 4 columns respective values a1 7,a2 6,a3 8 ,a4 12 & table two 4 colums respective values a1 7,a2 6,a3 8,a4 15.if table one & table two 3 colums same then 4th column values 1)Qes diff >5 then print 5 * diff value 2)Que diff <5 print 5


what is base time , how can we base time your doc"s ?


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Campus Interview SDK Interview Questions
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