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CAG SSC AllOther Interview Questions
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Mutual Transfer!!!! I (ABHISHEK KUMAR cat-OBC R. No. 1246540 CGL Exam 2008) m selected for DIV ACCT and state allotted to HAR Punjab Chandigarh. Any body who is selected for the same post same category and state allotted to BIHAR and desirous to be mutually transferred from BIHAR to PUN HAR CHANDIGARH may contact on 9716700224. Thanks

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Can anyone tell me the promotional prospect of auditor in cag /cgda and tax assistant in cbdt.also tell about their transfer policy if one is posted for a long time in their home state.


I am selected as DEO in CAG Allahabad anybody wants to mutual transfer with me from delhi chandigarh then call me 8930619060

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I want to know about transfer policies of a DEO in CAG. Is a zonal transfer is possible in DEO. If a person selected in SOUTH ZONE and wants to get transfer in NORTH ZONE then how can this possible. Secondly, If a person got selected in eg. NORTH ZONE then whether he or she get transfer from one state to other in same zone.


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