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  • Cadbury interview questions (10)

Cadbury Business Management AllOther Interview Questions
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what is swap

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What is the Testing strategy for testing client server applications/products?


1.A Company with a net income of $ 7,650 in a year and has 3,000 outstanding shares. Calculate the Earning per Share (EPS).


You are helping X Company in recruiting candidates for the admin department. You have received over 50 resumes and need to pick 5 candidates to be interviewed by the x management. This takes up 4 hours of your time every day and you are falling behind your deadlines in creating e-learning modules. How would you ensure that you do not lag behind?


How COBOL helps Mainframe to maintain large records ???


how can u integrate ejb and hibernate? How can u call hibernateDAO methods in session bean?


how to create BRS


discuss elaborately finencial services


minimum,maximum values of s12 in lossless & lossy txline?


i have some prob lem to tell me about my self in interview first round ...


What happen when neutral point connected to core balance current transformer? (Neutral point of an alternator of a 180KVA DG. Neutral point connected to CBCT means enter to the CBCT)


Is it possible to split 100 lines of input as a single split in MapReduce?


How are free energy changes related to enthalpy changes and entropy changes?


i have pay to 250000 excise duty so i ask to all how can maintain entry in tally ?


What is the procedure for publication of research papers in Indian Journals & foreign Journals?Is it possible if any of the authority of that Research Journal publish my research paper by his name?In that case how to be safe from these malpractices?


purchase return liability or asset?should it be included in the balanced sheet?


Cadbury Business Management AllOther Interview Questions
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