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BSRB Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is the uniform public construction cost accounting act?


plz tell me short cut method in maths for clerck post in bank


please tell me short cut method in maths as well as in english for correcting the error for the post of clerck in bank exam


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Can share warrants issued by the company be considered as potential equity shares? If yes, then will it be considered for calculating dilutive EPS?


What is Thresholding?


What are the most common sources for cGMP


2) Write a program that will help Air Traffic Control for an airport to view the sequence of flights ready for take-off. The airport can accommodate 10 flights waiting for take-off at any point in time. Each flight has a unique 3 digit numeric identifier.  Each time a flight takes-off, Air Traffic Control adds a flight to the waitlist. Each time a flight is added to the waitlist, the list of flights waiting to take-off must be displayed.  When a flight is cleared for take-off, Air Traffic Control removes the flight from the waitlist. Each time a flight takes-off, the list of flights waiting to take-off must be displayed.  Sequence of take-off is the sequence of addition to the waitlist


what is the difference between earth leakage and earth fault?


we are getting materials from outside the state and issuing form c to a local party, since the local party is consignee agent of party who sends the materials. what is name this type of transaction? is issuing form c correct and proper? please reply


  • Accomm
  • i have this on server side i want to compare this id(Accommodation) value and want id i.e.Accommodation.visible=true;


    "When you will install a new piston ring, what will be the position of it?"


    How are the various factors of production affected by global competition? Do we manage people any differently in a globally competitive environment?


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    what are the uses of fact table and dimension table in banking project?


    hello! i am a new/fresh industrial electronics enginner ? I am going to have an interview on 10 May. What topics and questions should i study for the preparation of my interview and what will be the possible questions that one can ask from a fresh industrial electronics engineer ?


    The function of the final drive is to a) Provide a permanent speed reduction b) To turn the drive round through 90o c) To provide drive to the rear wheels d) all of the above


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