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BSF General Aptitude Interview Questions
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kaalu ki maa ke teen bache, athani, chavanni aur teesra __________????????????

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why we are not using the turbine flow meter in the steam service?


What do you execute to start the web server for PeopleSoft?


i am preparing for aai atc ? plz can u send me som emodel qus?


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I executed one job and I forget to save the final JCL. But took an XDC from SPOOL. Now I want to recover the JCL from XDC dataset. Is there any process to do this?. (Manually it takes a lot of time). Is there


. What is state space? a) The whole problem b) Your Definition to a problem c) Problem you design d) Representing your problem with variable and parameter


When we giving the 3 phase supply to ups system how to coming netural?


What about electrical Units. discrive in detail


what is the difference between rename and label


I am interested to know what does 15 KVA DG set actually means? If I dont know the DG rating, is it possible to identify KW by simply knowing the diesel consumption?


why capacitance effect is predominant in underground cable transmission and inductance effect is predominant in over head line transmission?


What are the objects that support documentation?


say something about your school


What are differences in testing a client server and a web application?


BSF General Aptitude Interview Questions
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