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Solartis Interview Questions
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Difference between array and arraylist.

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A pipe can fill a tank in 30 min B can fill in 28 min then if 3/4 th of tank can be filled by B pipe and after wards both are opened then how much time is required by both the pipes to fill the tank completely.

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52.write a “Hello World” program in “c” without using a semicolon? 53.Give a method to count the number of ones in a 32 bit number? 54.write a program that print itself even if the source file is deleted? 55.Given an unsigned integer, find if the number is power of 2?

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if today is monday after 61 days it will be?

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what is the formula to find resistance if the terms density,reluctance,sensitivity,voltage,current are given

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aptitude questions

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what are your plans after completing your MBA (or) studies ?


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Solartis Interview Questions
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