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Telecom Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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What is Electronics Engineering how to become a good Electronic Engineer and which company to approach in India (Bangalore)

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Telecom BSS related ques: For cascaded 1800 BTS with master 900 BTS,if 900 master BTS is down for its own equipment fault,cascaded slave 1800 BTS gets down/stop carrying traffic without any fault as BCCH and other controllong channels are in master 900 BTS.Is there any technology/system to turn the slave 1800 BTS to a single 1800 BTS autometcally when 900 master BTS is down for its own equipment fault???It is possible to make the slave 1800 BTS single live BTS manually.But I want to know the autometic system/process.if there is any....if not available, how can we generate the system??

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Why -48v used in telecommunications


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