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Bristle Cone SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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what is main purpose of maintaining the master data?

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When iam punching order after entering data like material No and quantity system should pop-up a screen of delivery date and status and invoice data and details, How can we configure this?

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what do u mean by exclusive in access sequence?

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what is differnce between inclusive and exclusive?

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what is difference between listing and exclusion?

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what are the parameters that u can see in FD32?

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How Sales Area is determined in Stock Transfer?

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How pricing procedure is determined in Stock Transfer?

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How billing document is assigned to the NLCC Delivery type?

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How Shipping Point is determined in Stock transfer?

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public class ActionDTO extends GenericDTO implements Serializable,Auditable { // default serial version id, required for serializable classes. public static final String ACTION_SUSPEND = "SPN"; public static final String ACTION_DEREGISTER = "DRR"; public static final String ACTION_REINSTATE = "REI"; private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; private Long actionId; private long accountId; private Date actionDate; private String actionType; private String remarks; private AccountDTO account; public ActionDTO() { } public ActionDTO(Long accountId, String action, String remarks, String updatedBy) { setAccountId(accountId); setActionType(action); setActionDate(new Date()); setRemarks(remarks); setUpdatedBy(updatedBy); } public Long getActionId() { return this.actionId; } public void setActionId(Long actionId) { this.actionId = actionId; } public long getAccountId() { return this.accountId; } public void setAccountId(long accountId) { this.accountId = accountId; } public Date getActionDate() { return this.actionDate; } public void setActionDate(Date actionDate) { this.actionDate = actionDate; } public String getActionType() { return this.actionType; } public void setActionType(String actionType) { this.actionType = actionType; } public String getRemarks() { return this.remarks; } public void setRemarks(String remarks) { this.remarks = remarks; } // bi-directional many-to-one association to AccountDTO public AccountDTO getAccount() { return this.account; } public void setAccount(AccountDTO account) { this.account = account; } @Override public String toString() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub return null; } } what is the purpose of @Override public String toString()...and what will do here ?


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