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Brainbench Certification QA Concepts Interview Questions
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After which phase is the inspection process optional? Choice 1 Preparation Choice 2 Rework Choice 3 Planning Choice 4 Inspection meeting Choice 5 Overview

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Software Quality Assurance Progress: Scenario I. Defining SQA milestones II. Assigning SQA resources III. SQA scheduling IV. SQA budgeting V. Selecting software development tools that will interface with the SQA tools VI. Reviewing any contracts with subcontractors for SQA requirements In the above statements, which of the tasks are included in planning the overall SQA effort? Choice 1 I, III, V, and VI Choice 2 I, II, III, and IV Choice 3 I, II, III, and V Choice 4 III, IV, V, and VI Choice 5 II, III, V, and VI

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What is the term for decomposing a software program so that latent design information can be extracted? Choice 1 Regression Choice 2 Restructuring Choice 3 Reusability Choice 4 Reverse engineering Choice 5 Reengineering

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Brainbench Certification QA Concepts Interview Questions
    Brainbench Certification QA Concepts Interview Questions (3)

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