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  • Cadsys technical test questions (2)

Cadsys Interview Questions
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what is software?

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how to calculate the magnetizing current of ct ( 800A/1A) for Relay 64


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What's a 'bikeshed'?


In my power station 220 volts dc battery set. they coneected 84th cell taped


What is fractional code and how can i get a fractional code for a particular account?


How we Provided SAP Security design, configuration, and support for SAP Net Weaver systems running BI/BW 7.0 (Net Weaver 2004s)


Evidence of your ability to quickly learn a new application or technology with proof of the effective role you played in the subsequent release of the software to a user/market.


could u pls anyone tel me .."which is the best instute that provides eficient practical knowledge and also real-time oriented knowldge to do a project in manual and automation hyd" pls send me to dis mail-id if u find any..?


i want a program in c# for 100 or for a number greater than 100.....pls help


Which is your favorite editor, shell, programming shell and why?


using gradient pressure in gas chromatography are not ?using gradient pressure why


what are the best practices to extract data from flat file source which are bigger than 100 mb memory?


I had Records in file Like this Company Code IBM 2 IBM 1 IBM 4 WIPRO 3 WIPRO 2 WIPRO 9 TCS 4 TCS 6 TCS 3 i want the record of every company with highest code How can i do that?


what risks do u faced u r projest how do you solve


explan ur project architecture?


what is mind in cable


Please tell us about an implementation that you worked on that did not go as planned. What were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them


Cadsys Interview Questions
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