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BPL General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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On Julyu 23,2003, India?s first matrimonial service on mobile phone was launched by the consortium of 1 BPL Mobile and Escotel 2 Escotel and RPG Cellular 3 Escotel, BPl Mobile and Spice Cellular 4 BPL Mobile, Escotel RPG Cellular and Spice Cellular

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3.2 Consider the following class: public class Point { protected int x, y; public Point(int xx, int yy) { x = xx; y = yy; } public Point() { this(0, 0); } public int getx() { return x; } public int gety() { return y; } public String toString() { return "("+x+", "+y+")"; } } Say you wanted to define a rectangle class that stored its top left corner and its height and width as fields. 3.2.1 Why would it be wrong to make Rectangle inherit from Point (where in fact it would inherit the x and y coordinates for its top left corner and you could just add the height and width as additional fields)? (1) 8 Now consider the following skeleton of the Rectangle class: public class Rectangle { private Point topLeft; private int height, width; public Rectangle(Point tl, int h, int w) { topLeft = tl; height = h; width = w; } public Rectangle() { this(new Point(), 0, 0); } // methods come here } 3.2.2 Explain the no-argument constructor of the Rectangle class given above. 3.2.3 Write methods for the Rectangle class to do the following: • a toString() method that returns a string of the format "top left = (x, y); height = h; width = w " where x, y, h and w are the appropriate integer values. • an above() method that tests whether one rectangle is completely above another (i.e. all y values of the one rectangle are greater than all y values of the other). For example, with the following declarations Rectangle r1 = new Rectangle(); Rectangle r2 = new Rectangle(new Point(2,2), 1, 4); the expression r2.above(r1) should give true, and r2.above (r2) should give false. (You can assume that the height of a rectangle is never negative.) (2) (5)


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