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BOB Technologies POs Interview Questions
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i need Solved BANK PO exam paper for BOB PO EXAM, Please send me on my mail ID (

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Hi All, I am Abhishek Sinha, I got selected in written exam of Bank of Baroda's IT officer JMGS - I written exam 2009, my Interview is on 17th of Jan 2010, please any one can help me in what kind of question will be asked in Interview, My mail id is

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why do you wnt to join in ban rathe than other fields?

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can any bank PO aspirant tell me what should be the ideal answer to these questions asked usually in interview. 1.why banking commerce can help in banking 3.As I am a commerce graduate i want to know what to prepare in subject or what are questions generally related to account subject asked in bank po interview.please help me friends .reply as soon as possible. if U could suggest me i on any above questions i would be really grateful to U


Why do you want to join banking sector as you come from engineering background?

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