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Jomo Kenyatta University Interview Questions
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When passing data values between different machines whith different operating system what problem have to be solved ?

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develop a program to calculate and print body mass index for 200 employees


write a program that prompt the user to enter his height and weight,then calculate the body mass index and show the algorithm used


write a program that calculate the volume of cylinder after user enters radius and height and show the algorithm used

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write a program to calculate the radius for a quadratic equation use modular programming(function abitraction)hint use quadratic function

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write a program to convert temperature from fa height into celcius and vise versa,use modular programming


write a program to calculate the amount of investment after a period n years if the principal investors was p and interest is calculated using compound interest,formular=a=p(1+r)^n


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Jomo Kenyatta University Interview Questions
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