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Birla Placement Papers Interview Questions
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tcs placement papers

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Un-Answered Questions

what is there inside an inverter and how it works?


How do you get design ideas from powerpoint?


explain about externally initiated operations


What are the features present in vb 2005?


What is an update task? : abap modularization


Explain how can I vertically scale an Amazon instance?


Why is dtd important?


Hi I want to know how API gravity has been come up with in Oil Industry, especially figures in the following formula: API=(141.5/SG)-131.5


Explain when a sample of germanium and silicon having same impurity density are kept at room temperature then resistivity of silicon will be higher than that of germanium, why?


Can constructor be used instead of init(), to initialize servlet?


The trace tab in configuration manager only traces windows client (two-tier) interactions. State whether true or false


What color background is best for powerpoint?


what is software cycle? What is a mission critical system ? What is the important aspect of a real-time system ? Explain the difference between microkernel and macro kernel. Give an example of microkernel.Why paging is used ? Which is the best page replacement algo and Why ? What is software life cycle ? How much time is spent usually in each phases and why Which one do U want to work if selected in Honeywell ? Which are the different types of testing ? What is a distributed system ? Some questions about CSP. Which languages do U know ? What are the differences between Pascal and C. questions from Compiler construction and Lisp. Which are the different computer architecture? What is the requirement in MIMD ? What is the difference between RISC and CISC processors ? Difference between loosely coupled and tightly coupled systems ? What is an open system?


What are the risks associated in automation testing?


How to export quicktest professional (qtp) results to an .xls file?