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JSL Instrumentation Interview Questions
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1. What means HART communicator / where it is used / how to use it? 2. Types of Thermocouples and its temperature ranges / output of thermocouple? 3. Types of RTDs and its temperature ranges / output of RTD? 4. Idea about Temperature Transmitters? 5. Difference between Analog and Digital signals? 6. Difference between “2 wire” and “4 wire” system / instruments? 7. Difference between “Potential” and “Potential free” contact? 8. Types of flow meters / transmitters? 9. Types of level transmitters? 10. Difference between “Power/Control” cable and “Instrument” cable? 11. What means “shield” and “screen” in cables / how it is useful? 12. Draw a schematic of closed loop circuit of flow / level / pressure / temperature? 13. Idea about calibration of Control valve / positioned / I/P? 14. How to bypass a digital/analog signal in PLC/DCS by hardwire and software?

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JSL Instrumentation Interview Questions

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