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Metric Stream SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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Suppose I have to create a view on a table, that is not yet been created by DBA. I khow the table structure. Is it possible to create the view before DBA creates this table? If yes then how? Is it possible to create synonym in this way?

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Difference between aggregate function and analytical function?

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Difference between NVL, NVL2 and NULLIF

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What is diff between bulk collect and forall

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write sub query for eliminating duplicate rows using analytical function?

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what is switch column,colums cost in oracle?


what are the tunnig tables you used for tuning a query and tell me some of coloumns in that tuning tables?

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How will you make performance better for application including front end and back

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I have 2 packages A and B. Now package A references Package B and Package B references Package A. How do you compile such inter-dependent objects in PL/SQL

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What is Function based Index and which type of function we can use in Function base index. can we use aggregate,NVL function in Function based Index..

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