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Acer Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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difference bewteen reverse current and alternating current


what types of electrical & mechanical test conducted in switchyard?


How would you do the ollowing Security Testing for web application? 1) Authentication. 2) Authorization. 3) cookies. 4) penetration testing. 5) session testing. 6) encryption and decryption testing pls give examples give example i can't understand so pl


what is AZ431 & how to check it by using multimeter?


Where does TDS codes maintain and which fields are updated for TDS calculation for invoice/Advance


what is user master record and what it contains?


1. How can u know that the DB has connected to ur WLS? 2. What happen when u deploy a ear file in web applications? 3. What happen when ur DB and proxy server(Apache) are down n ur weblogic server is up? 4. How can u configure ur proxy server(Apache)? 5. How can the proxy server(Apache) communicate with ur WLS? 6. How the request process to ur WLS through the Proxy server(Apache)? 7. How can u know that ur heap memory is full? 8. When will u do garbage collection?


What is short cut join and why are you using in business objects?




How to get DLL function parameter listings ?


A crushing unit blasted 1650Mts in the month of March 2009. The rate of Royalty to be paid is rs 35/- Per MT. Advance royalty was paid rs 250000/- on 1-3-2009. pass journal entries from the advance royalty


In one year how many times tds, service tax, and Mvat is paid?


what is excise duty and how can we mantain its account in outgoing and incoming of bill status.


Please let me know about answer for my Question as "What is the maximum wastage allowable of HYSD Steel in any Bridge project as per Code and Code reference also ?


how technical is calculated in 11kv line and lt line


Acer Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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