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Vodafone HR Questions Interview Questions
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how much salary you expected?

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You have just prepared an RFP for release. Your project involves a substantial amount of contract work detailed in the RFP. Your favorite vendor drops by and offers to give you and your spouse the use of their company condo for your upcoming vacation. It's located in a beautiful resort community that happens to be one of your favorite places to go for a get away. What is the most appropriate response? A. Thank the vendor but decline the offer, as you know this could be considered a conflict of interest. B. Thank the vendor and accept. This vendor is always offering you incentives like this, so this offer does not likely have anything to do with the recent RFP release. C. Thank the vendor, accept the offer, and immediately tell your project sponsor so they're aware of what you're doing. D. Thank the vendor but decline the offer because you've already made another arrangement for this vacation. Ask them if you can take a rain check and arrange another time to use the condo.


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