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Access General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The largest endocrine gland of human body is 1 Pituitary 2 Adrenal 3 Thymus 4 Thyroid

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Explain various types of breaks.


what type of questions asked for barclays technologies pune please send urgent


Define a sql query? What is the difference between select and update query? How do you use sql in sas, python, r languages?


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Give the output of this example: a[3] if a=[1,4,6,7,9,66,4,94].


could you plz help me understanding or give an example about the accounting treatment "journal entry" in MM business cycle at the following : 1- When goods receipt 2- when MODVAT are Captured 3- Invoice varification 4- vendor payment and please how i could revers an entry when material is rejected thanks


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hello friend i wish to study a course related to the electrical construction, controlling and monitoring , which course i want to study? pls give me the name of institute?