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V2 Solutions Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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V2 SOLUTIONS APTI paper is very easy there are 3 sections 1'st is quant problem on age train traveling speed is given length of train is given we have to find out length of bridge then prob on calender one date is given on Friday hv to find out day of othe date ans is Friday then there was 1 prob on percentage which was very easy ans was 21340 then 2’nd section was english grammer had has been being like that hv to fill in the blanks was very wasy then last section was find relative words there was five Q 1 pant ANS:-breath 2inquire ans :- ask And 3 more out of that 1 ‘s ans was:- body 4 And others ans was :-through THEN THEY HAVE GD There was three topics 1 should we allow india’s talent to go to abrod 2 protest against seperate state is justify 3 inturuption of politics in cricket Thats all guys i cleared both the rounds now preparing 4 interview best of luck


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