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Unisys QTP Interview Questions
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How to Test the mainframe application?


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The purpose of this exercise is to benchmark file writing and reading speed. This exercise is divided into two parts. a). Write a file character by character such that the total file size becomes approximately >10K. After writing close the file handler, open a new stream and read the file character by character. Record both times. Execute this exercise at least 4 times b). Create a buffer capable of storing 100 characters. Now after generating the characters, first store them in the buffer. Once the buffer is filled up, store all the elements in the file. Repeat the process until the total file size becomes approximately >10K.While reading read a while line, store it in buffer and once buffer gets filled up, display the whole buffer. Repeat the exercise at least 4 times with different size of buffer (50, 100, 150 …). Records the times. c). Do an analysis of the differences in times and submit it in class.


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