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UCO Bank Government AllOther Interview Questions
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i have given the interview of UCO bank PO,it was just for 15 mnt, they didnt ask me any banking related question, just asked about some question from my graduation and some general question, so please any body knows whaht the criteria of UCO bank


i had given interview for UCO bank PO in OBC category but at the time of interview i submitted OBC cast ceretificate in state level format at that i had given them an undertaking leter, now SDM of my area is not ready to give me certifiacte in the format of govt of india, so please tell me what can i do and how much it is affected in interview results?


i had given interview for uco bank PO, please tell me when the result will be expected cause in my interview they didnt ask so much to me so pls tell me what is the criteria in bank po mainly


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