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Azri Solutions Forms Reports Interview Questions
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Table 1: STUDIES PNAME (VARCHAR), SPLACE (VARCHAR), COURSE (VARCHAR), CCOST (NUMBER) Table 2: SOFTWARE PNAME (VARCHAR), TITLE (VARCHAR), DEVIN (VARCHAR), SCOST (NUMBER), DCOST (NUMBER), SOLD (NUMBER) Table 3: PROGRAMMER PNAME (VARCHAR), DOB (DATE), DOJ (DATE), SEX (CHAR), PROF1 (VARCHAR), PROF2 (VARCHAR), SAL (NUMBER) PNAME – Programmer Name, SPLACE – Study Place, CCOST – Course Cost, DEVIN – Language the software or package is developed in, SCOST – Software Cost, DCOST – Development Cost, PROF1 – Proficiency 1 Use the above table definitions to answer the questions that follow. Find out the selling cost average for packages developed in Oracle. Display the names, ages and experiences of all programmers How much revenue has been earned through

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Azri Solutions Forms Reports Interview Questions
    Forms Reports (1)