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Sunrise Interview Questions
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what is primary key,unique key, foreign key? can u teach me in simple language?

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The largest lake in India is: (a) Dal Lake (b) Wular Lake (c) Pushkar Lake (d) Badkhal Lake

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If an organisation wants to go for an automated testing basically for Functional testing by using QTP. then at what stage they should proceed for Automation testion. However a vast experience is there in the field of manual testing.

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hi friends myname is praveen. how to download the hallticket from appsc site .plz send me the link to my mail id:

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for gravel roads in India to get 1feet height how much height we have to fill


If salary paid per month Rs.60000/-I will deduct TDS from his salary per month

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Describe method overriding


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what is the critical issue u are faced in your previous experience


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