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Steria COBOL Interview Questions
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01 x pic s9(8) comp. How will the following value be internally allocated '18787'

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if we display var1 then what will b displayed in below condition. 77 var1 pic s9(2) value -10. 77 var1 pic s9(2) value -11. " " " -12. " " " -13. -14 ... ... -19.

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I have File 1 occurs 5 times with Employee-ID,Employee-Name,Employee-Dept (EEE and MECH). I have File 2 occurs 10 times with Employee-ID,Employee-Name,Employee-Dept (EEE,CIVIL,CHEMICAL and MECH). In FIle 1 and FIle 2 , for matching Employee-DEPT (Only MECH) , we need to move entire records from file1 to file 2. We should not use 2D array. Your help is needed here.


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