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Simbhaoli Sugars Chemical Engineering Interview Questions
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MY generator water cooler inlet line height - 11 mtr inlet water line height - 7 mtr water come into the line from overhead tank, O/H tank height - 20 mtr the first tapping in the inlet line is 2" line which down to 4 mtr level plateform., second tapping in inlet water line goes to a pump 6" line installed at 4 mtr level plateform, pump capacity 200m3/hr, head- 30 mtr, hp-40. the outlet of pump of 6" water line connected to a header of 6 mtr long of 6" line, on this header the six tapping are connected, 4 nos. 3" line goes to 11 mtr height water cooler the pressure of the line is 0.15 to 0.25 kg/cm2, 2" and 4" pipe line connected to a cooler at 4 mtrlevel plateform. my question is, at 11 mtr height level the quantity of water and flow is not sufficient for my cooler, the temp. of cooler is rises much more. you are requested to suggest the modification of pipe line/ pump for take more water flow and pressure (desired pressure is 1 kg/cm2)


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Simbhaoli Sugars Chemical Engineering Interview Questions

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