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Sheraton Tourism Hotel AllOther Interview Questions
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Where do you see yourself, professionally, in 5 years time from now?

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i want all types of question paper in related to hotel management course and its answer also

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what is your greatest strength?


If in Campus interview,Interviewer ask question that, why u select Front Office Department in hotel as ur carrer,then what will be my Accurate reply....? Its better if provide me a proffessional answer...

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why did u chose front office as your department

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why iam in bank,give 4 reasons


why are u join the hotel industry? why have u chose food and beverage service as the area of Interest?

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11. Please describe a situation in which you influenced someone to do something they didn’t want to do.

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Sheraton Tourism Hotel AllOther Interview Questions
    Sheraton Tourism Hotel AllOther Interview Questions (8)

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