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SGT Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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If i have a dataset queried from Sql and I would like to insert the dataset into a specific node in an xml document how do I do this


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SGT Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions

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Hello, My project requirement is like I need to create a web page using MVC pattern. I hava a bean class, jsp page, servlet, service and dao. My jsp has two fields. One is dropdown list. The option values has to get populated from the database table. The other one is a text box and its value has to come from database table. As of now I have defined the fields in bean class, got the values from database using arraylists in dao class and I called this from service class. Can anyone please tell me the workflow of how the servlet will get this arraylist and populate the arraylist values as dropdown options in jsp page? Also I would like to know the role of bean class in MVC pattern? Thanks in advance!


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