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SAS SAS Interview Questions
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what is the diff b/w verification validation in sas

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in ods is there any lib's

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What are the joins,types of joins and thier functions?

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What is SAS Information Map Studio and its purpose ?

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name few built in sas transformation in DI studio ?

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what kind of variables are collected in AE dataset?

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i want for interview question & answer plz it need immediate send t my mail


what is the difference between informat$8. $char8.

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Which of the following is not created during compilation phase?

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what is hash files in sas and why we are using this one in sas?


hi all, I need the SAS DI DUMP(A00 260) for attending the certification. if any one have, pls provide it.Please Email to Thanks - Ramana


i have one dataset data l; input name: $ 25; cards; manoj is a good boy to krishna krishna is a god boy to malli malli is good boy to ramana ques: here i want "manoj" observations nubers

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Which is the Best SAS training Institute in Delhi NCR for SAS certification preparation

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6) Explain about below automatic variables a) _N_ b) _ERROR_ c) _CHAR_ d) _NUMERIC_ e) _ALL_ f) FIRST.BY VARIABLE g) LAST.BY VARIABLE h) _NAME_ i) _TYPE_ j) _FREQ_ k) _STAT_ l) _BREAK

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