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Sapient VB Script Interview Questions
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Hello Friends , I am the new joinner of this website. I am working with Sapient ,Gurgoan I would like to ask few qurries regarding the QTP Tool of (Testing) Currently working on QTP Tool . I would like to no learn VB Script can u name some Books which i get in market. And a small issue in QTP I had 2 users right i have to login and send the document from this user to second user right. when i am send this doc some contendId number generates right. now i am loging into second user and i have to search for that contentId right i found it now i dont want to accept the document so i had an opption of check out ok i have to click on check out my QTP Code is like this Browser(" ").Page(" ").WebTable(" ").ChildItem (3,5,"Image",0).click Browser(" ").Page(" ").Link("ChecK Out").Click i new this code is perfectly right but when i am run the script i have to click on that particular contentId and click on check out but now the Problem is started the error is the document has been already checked out remeber every time my content id changes means it is the new contentId which is not been used atleast once Please help me out in this issue i am in big trouble


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Sapient VB Script Interview Questions

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