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RBI POs Interview Questions
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How and when does the RBI decide to issue new notes (currency)?

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RBI Grade B-Officers Recruitment Exam Reserve Bank of India Services Board, Mumbai July 2009.I want the previous year question papers...?

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whay are women empowernment program run by indian govy

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How much time SBI take for result after written exam and how much total time SBI take in whole process of GD-PI after written exam...?????????

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Is an RBI Grade B officer likely to be transferred once he is allocated a position at one of the RBI branches? I am currently a PO in SBI. Compared to that, can you kindly inform me: 1) Is the chance to be allocated to your home state more in RBI? 2)Is an RBI Grade B officer likely to be transferred once he is allocated a position at one of the RBI branches? 3) Is the salary,job satisfaction, comparable workload, pension etc substantially better in RBI than in SBI? I can't find reliable information on this anywhere. Kindly enlighten me if possible.


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