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Punjab National Bank Government AllOther Interview Questions
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please mail me the sample questions papers for the test deputy manager (IT)panjab national bank.


hello sir i ve applied for punjab national bank management trainee…. but while filling the online form , by mistake i have selected sr instead of general and i submitted that form…whilw taking print out i saw tat and i changed it to general and again i re submited the form with same dd number and all other details. now i am afraid that i wont be getting call letter. will my application be accepted… please reply sir..


Sir please send me some materials for punjab national bank management trainee exam... my id is


IT-Executive interview in J&K bank.

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i had applied for pnb specialist officer exam for the post of industry officer in textile, if anyone tell me about previous year or practise papers for textile

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Punjab National Bank Government AllOther Interview Questions

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