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Oriental Bank Of Commerce Government AllOther Interview Questions
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i am appearing for sbi clerk exam. I want all the collection of previous years question papers for Sbi clerical cladre exam..plz help me in my preparation by sending all the previous question papers of sbi to my mail id in soon.


Oriental Bank of Commeres clerk entres paper


What will be the syllabus of The Descriptive paper of Forthcoming Oriental Bank of Commerce Clerk Exam? I Have the copy of advertisement but there is no information in it that what will be asked in Descriptive Paper?

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plz send me last 10 years bank clerk papers for obc clerk paer preparation

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pls send to my id oriental insurance exam papers i have no any idea about these exams

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Sir , I need Oriental bank of insurance company papers which held in previous. please can you send me those papers. I want to know the pattern of question paper, as well as to prepare some questions.


hi guys, I just wanted to ask you guys that i had appeared for clerical post of oriental bank of commerce for karnataka region.But i dont know kannada...............please confim can i b selected or not just crossing my fingers rashmi


what is the salary of obc bank clerk?? i mean how much one gets in hand?? and any other benefits??

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