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OpenMat OPENMAT Interview Questions
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Which of the following is t he 21st member to join the G-20 group of nation ?

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the october 2004, where did the prime minister of india inaugurate the prototype fast breeder reactor?

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which country does not belong to G8 group of nations

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At present the major part of which of the follwoing central revenues goes to various state governments in india


Which of the follwoing is the correct chronological order of rulers

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Arrange the following in a chronological order

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Arrange the folowwing in a chronological order. A.Kheda Satyagraha B. Dandi March. C. Non Co-eopration Movement D Civil Disobedience Movement

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Arrange the follwoing in a chronological order A.Kheda Satyagraha B.Dandi March C.NOn-Cooperation Movement D.Civil Disobedience Movement 1.A,B,C,D 2.A,C,D,B 3.D,C,A,B 4.A,C,B,D

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l. "Lay-up shot" is a term associated with which of the following games ? (1) Volleyball (3) Basketball (2) Throwball (4) Hand BalI 2. Alexander the Great died in 323 B.C. in (1) Persia Q) BabYlon (3) Macedonia @) Taxila g. The scientist who was associated with the foodgrain revolution and also won the Nobel Pize for Peace is (1) Dr. M.S. Swaminathan (2) Dr. N.E. Borlaug (3) Dr. S. Chandrashekhar (4) Willy Brandt 4. The first Indian ruler who accepted Subsidiary Alliance offered by Lord Wellesley in 1798 was (1) Nawab of Oudh (2) Nizam of Hyderabad (3) Nawab of Carnatic (4) King of Mysore 5. Bats can sense obstacles because they produce (1) Supersonic sound waves (2) Ultrasonic sound waves (3) Infrasonic sound waves (4) Micro sound waves 6. Which of these is a modified underground stem (1) Radish (D Carrot (3) Sweet potato (4) Potato

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Who has authored the book 'Caesar and Cleopatra'? (1) William Shakespeare (2) Charles Dickens (3) George Bernard Shaw (4) Matthew Arnold Which amendments to the Constitution provide for the reservation of one-third seats in the Municipal Boards and Village Panchayats for women ? (1) 73'd and 74th (2) 82nd and 83'd (3) 72'd and 73'd @) 74th and 75th In the electroplating of gold the electrolyte used is (1) Potassium Aurocyanide (2) Gold Chloride (3) Gold Sulphate (4) Gold Nitrate 8. 9. 10. The food conducting tissue of a plant is (1) Phloem (2) (3) Parenchyma (4) Xylem Collenchyma 11. Which of the following was the venue of the Commonwealth Games in 2006 ? (1) Manchester (3) Hamilton (2) Edmonton (4) Melbourne L2. In which of the following categories of crops are Rice and Bajqa included ? (1) Rabi (2) Kharif (3) Zaid' (4) Plantation 13. Who was the recipient of David Dixon Award at the Commonwealth Games 2006 ? (1) Abhinav Bindra (2) Jeev Milkha Singh (3) Samresh Jung (4) Anju Bobby George

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