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Nucleus Software Manual Testing Interview Questions
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which one is not the integration testing a )Big Bang b)Top-down c)Bottom-up 4) dot remember the 4 fourth option

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What is integration testing

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What is integration testing

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What is v model

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What is agile methodology

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What is the purpose of a test completion criterion? What is the purpose of a test completion criterion? a) to know when a specific test has finished its execution b) to ensure that the test case specification is complete c) to set the criteria used in generating test inputs d) to determine when to stop testing


8 What can static analysis NOT find? a) The use of a variable before it has been defined b) Unreachable (“dead”) code c) Whether the value stored in a variable is correct d) The re-definition of a variable before it has been used e) Array bound violations

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22 The main focus of acceptance testing is: a) finding faults in the system b) ensuring that the system is acceptable to all users c) testing the system with other systems d) testing for a business perspective e) testing by an independent test team

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