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We have 1 web page with names column. I am giving the Service Providers1,2,3.... @ that time dynamically some no of names are displaying in the webpage and The Pop up windows are opening(No.of Pop Up windows=No.of Names). The names may be diffar for each and every Service Provders (Dynamically) How can we handle the Dynamic values?


In the Web page we have a table link, if we click on that link all the contents under that link will be sorted (asscending/Descending). Now i want to check in which order the list is ? for that i need to get the data in to some var How can i get that cells data?

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How can we return a value from User Defined Function ? For Eg. we have 2 functions. In Fun1 i am getting 2 values (a,b) and i am addding those 2 and storing in to another var (c). Now i want to pass that var(c) to another function (fun2). What will be the script?

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