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Arctern Dot Net WindowsForms Interview Questions
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Extension methods can be both static and normal class methods. Yes/No?

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How to create class level variable that can be assigned value at the time of declaration and in the constructor alone?

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Tell a very common use of private constructor?

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Which C# access modifier helps to limit the accessibility of a class member within the same assembly?

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Which interface is to be implemented to release the unmanaged resources in an object in Dot Net?

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Is it possible to save view state on the web server?

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How to redirect a user to new page in ASP.NET without making a round-trip to the browser?

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What are different options to store state in ASP.NET applications?

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Which is the global event handler for unhandled exceptions in an ASP.NET applications?

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What are ACID properties of a transaction in DBMS (Database Management System)?

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Which Isolation level is helps to read uncommitted data?

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What are the different types of indexes in SQL Server?

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What are the different types of JOINs in SQL Server?

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Arctern Dot Net WindowsForms Interview Questions

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