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MPSC General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Gobar gas contains mostly (a) Carbon (b) Methane (c) Ethylene (d) Carbon monoxide

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Which of the following units of valuation is known as ?paper gold?? (A) Eurodollar (B) SDR (C) Petrodollar (D) GDR

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Which Indian states share the Tungabhadra Multipurpose Project? (A) Tamil Nadu and Karnataka (B) Orissa and Bihar (C) Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh (D) Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

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The educated middle class in India: (A) opposed the revolt of 1857 (B) supported the revolt of 1857 (C) remained neutral to the revolt of 1857 (D) fought against native rulers

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The Council of Ministers of Indian Union is collectively responsible to the 1 President 2 Prime Minister 3 Rajya Sabha 4 Lok Sabha

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The charcoal use to decolorizes raw sugar is 1 Animal charcoal 2 Sugar charcoal 3 Coconut charcoal 4 Wood charcoal

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The first State in India to levy agricultural income tax was 1 Assam 2 Orissa 3 Bihar 4 None of these

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atomic agreement between america & india

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who is the mpsc chief

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who is mumbai commissioner

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who is prime minister in india

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how to do the sampling for inspection?


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