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MAT General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which one of the following countries does not belong to the G-8 group of nations? (a) Italy (b) Canada (c) Germany (d) Australia

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Where was the first Municipal Corporation in India set up? (a) Bombay (b) Calcutta (c) Delhi (d) Madras

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Sachin Tendulkar does not endorse 1 Coke 2 Adidas 3 Airtel 4 Boost

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Third World refers to 1 Developing countries 2 Developed countries 3 Capitalist nations 4 None of these

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The slogan ?Make Life Simple? associated with 1 SBI card 2 BOB card 3 Standard Chartered Bank Card 4 None of these

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Tatas have planned $ 2 billion investment in the near future in 1 Pakastan 2 Sri Lanka 3 Nepal 4 Bangladesh

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The largest public undertaking in India is 1 The Indian Railways 2 ONGC 3 BHEL 4 MTNL

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The Indian Railways is one of the largest railway systems with an extensive network of over 63,000 route kilometers. Approximately?.of the network is electrified. 1 50% 2 25% 3 45% 4 60%

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When the post of the President and the Vice-President are vacant then who among the following officiates as the President? A) The chief Justice of India. B) The Prime Minister C) The Speaker of the Lok Sabha. D) Dy. Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.

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MAT General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

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