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LIC Government AllOther Interview Questions
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sent me a model question paper of assistants in lic


pls send to my id oriental insurance exam papers i have no any idea about these exams

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i have been selected in lic india ... i just want to knw what type of questions can be asked in the interview...


Hi...Can anybody help me to prepare for LIC HFL assistant Interview...Interview on 27th..So plz ..Its urgent!!

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I have applied for LIC ADO , but while applying I wrote my Degree Percentage as 68.7 instead of 67.8. During interview this will create any problem, however the minimum percentage of marks asked for the post is Pass in degree. Please reply me thank you in advance.

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When LIC ADO 2010 results will declare?

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Is there any possible to speak in local or regional language in lic Apprentice Development Officer interview. and if i passed the written test, where will be my interview place. then send me ado interview question. its urgent, my mail id


i've applied for LIC ADO 2010..failed to keep the system generated application printout..Now i am selected for interview...Will they admit me for interview with out the application printout??? pls reply

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I cleared the LIC ADO exam and waiting for interview. But i forget to take the printout of the online application form while applying. But they ask to sumbit the online application form at the time of interview. It will create any problem during interview? Please tell me in detail.

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Dear Sir/Madam, I have passed lic ado written exam and my interview on 29th sep. I belong to OBC and I dont have current non creamy- layer certificate but I applied and will get within a month as per the new policies of State Govt, i have caste certificate and non creamy layer certificate of 2002. Can I eligible for the selection, plz reply me on or call me 09158153313.


Which coaching institute is good for LIC interview?

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The President of a club is appointing nine officials A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I to serve on three committees to study three different aspects of activities of the club. There will be a Games Committee, a Food Service Committee and an Entertainment Committee. The appointments must respect the following— >> Each committee must have exactly three members. >> No person can serve on more than one committee. >> H must serve on the Entertainment Committee. >> C and D must serve on the same committee. >> A and B cannot serve on the same committee. >> E cannot serve on the same committee as I. >> F must serve on the same committee as B or H or both B and H. 1. If B and G serve on the Games Committee, which of the following must serve on the Food Service Committee ? (A) A (B) D (C) E (D) F

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LIC Government AllOther Interview Questions

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